Alumni Spotlight

CUNY SPS alumni are among the best, brightest and most dedicated. Here's what some of our alumni have to say about their CUNY SPS experience, professional accomplishments and career goals.


Cryspin Goytia

BA in Communication and Culture (now BA in Communication and Media), Class of 2009

"I needed a program that would really invest in the student and not just in their money. I wanted a school that understood that life happens, with advisors that could address these things for their students."

Beatriz Gil

Advanced Certificate in Immigration Law

"The program confirmed my passion for law and my desire to pursue law school."

Laura Lofaro

MA in Disability Studies, Class of 2010

"I feel well-respected having this degree and have brought a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and resources with me to contribute to the program, agency, and the disability field in general."