Tuition and Fees

A college education is a worthwhile investment and the CUNY School of Professional Studies is committed to making your education attainable and affordable. Our low tuition rates and varied financial aid options, including state and federal support, scholarships, and grants, ensures you have every opportunity to complete your college degree.

As part of the City University of New York we are a CUNY Value Plus institution, offering quality, affordability, and value. With 2018-19 tuition rates at $295 per credit for undergraduate students, 80% of our undergrads graduate debt free. Our graduate tuition, at $455 per credit, is among the lowest in the North East.

CUNY’s affordable tuition is part of a successful, long-term financial partnership between the University, state and city governments, philanthropists, alumni, and students. Enduring value increases lifelong opportunities for our students to pursue their educational, professional, financial, and personal goals.

Semester Due and Liability Dates

Fall 2018

Registration Date                            Due Date

March 12 – July 9                            July 30    

July 10 – July 30                              August 13

July 31 – August 20                         August 20

August 21 – September 2               Immediately Upon Registration

Payment due dates are calculated from the date of your first registration transaction. A change of program (adding, dropping, or swapping a class) does not change the payment due date.

Fall 2018 Tuition Liability Schedule

0% Liability                                      Drop prior to August 28

25% Liability                                    Drop August 28 – September 2

50% Liability                                    Drop September 3 - 9

75% Liability                                    Drop September 10 - 16

100% Liability                                  Withdraw September 17 and thereafter

You do not incur any financial liability if you drop a course prior to the college's scheduled first day of classes. There will be financial liability for courses dropped on or after the first day of classes.

New York State Residency

For the purposes of determining tuition charges, a student is considered a resident of the State of New York if the student has his or her principal place of abode in the State of New York for a period of at least twelve months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the semester with respect to which the residency determination is made; state an intention to live permanently and maintain a principal place of abode in New York State; and, generally, is not in the United States on any temporary visa. Residence in a dormitory, hotel, or other temporary housing facility does not in itself establish New York State residency.  

The CUNY Residency Form and appropriate documentation must be provided for students to be eligible for New York State resident tuition rates. 

Note: Students in online degree programs pay the New York State tuition rate and do not need to establish residency.

Remission of Tuition and Fees 

All tuition is due by the payment due date stated above. If financial aid is applied for in a timely manner and is approved, students may pay only the portion of tuition which is not covered by financial aid. A student may incur additional costs for textbooks, books, manuals, supplies, and equipment that are corollary to instruction and necessary for the student. Those costs, apart from tuition and fees vary by course and instructor.

Learn more about different payment methods available to CUNY SPS students.