CUNY SPS Student News Site Relaunched

Editor in Chief Ivan De Luce (MA Museum Studies ‘25), and Managing Editor Tasnia Rashid, (BS Information Systems ‘24)

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) is delighted to announce the relaunch of its student-run news site, The Kiosk. Headed by a new editorial staff and sporting a redesigned site, The Kiosk went live on May 17 after a two-year Covid-induced hiatus. As with the pre-Covid iteration of The Kiosk, the Student Association is again sponsoring the website, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to student journalism.

To restart the project after the break in publication, Anthony Sweeney, associate director of student life at CUNY SPS, and Ariana Souzis, CUNY SPS’ communications publications writer-editor and The Kiosk staff advisor, recruited and hired The Kiosk’s new executive editorial team: Editor in Chief Ivan De Luce (MA Museum Studies ‘25), and Managing Editor Tasnia Rashid, (BS Information Systems ‘24). Souzis will continue to serve in an advisory role, mentoring the new editorial team as they settle into their new positions. The editor in chief will oversee the content, while the managing editor handles the technological structure of the site. In addition to shifting to a new hosting platform, Rashid has just completed a massive site redesign.

Both editors expressed their enthusiasm about providing an outlet for student voices. One of The Kiosk’s main goals is to act as a “student lounge,” by publishing news stories that focus on students’ interests in addition to sharing work that students submit. De Luce laid out his editorial vision for the news site. “We want to be a forum for concerns and comments, and general information about student life,” De Luce said. ”We want to make sure that students know that if they want to write for us and perhaps even gain some journalistic experience in the process, we would definitely welcome that.”

Managing editor Rashid wants to facilitate content using diverse media formats within the site.”I know that a lot of our clubs have podcasts…so it would be great to have a section of the site where you could go and check out podcasts from different clubs.” Rashid continued, ”I've seen articles in the previous site with embedded videos. We'd love to do content like that and the structure can definitely support it.”

The editors plan to use the summer to finalize the new website and gear up for a busy fall semester when articles are slated to be published on a weekly basis. Sweeney summed up why student journalism like The Kiosk is so critical. “The Kiosk is an important campus resource for students. It provides the necessary space for the student voice to be heard and helps to bring more awareness to student issues.”

Both De Luce and Rashid encourage students to frequent the site as it will develop new stories over the summer. The editorial team will also be focusing on the site’s Twitter presence. 

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