The CUNY School of Professional Studies Launches Advanced Certificate in Youth Studies

Girl sitting at a classroom desk

The number of youth development programs throughout the country has grown exponentially as a result of the demand to focus greater attention on the needs of individuals ages 12 to 24. Consequently, there is an endeavor to support these programs with qualified frontline youth workers, directors, and administrators.

In response to the ongoing expansion of this pivotal sector, the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS), in collaboration with the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Institute for Worker Education, will launch an Advanced Certificate in Youth Studies in fall 2016. The advanced certificate provides an opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of the relationship between youth and society by analyzing current policies, opportunities, and best practices related to the field. It also responds to the needs of those working in youth services by providing a pathway for professional development.

“The John F. Kennedy Institute, in its longstanding commitment to the professional development of health and human services workers, is excited to launch the Advanced Certificate in Youth Studies,” said Carrie Shockley, Acting Director of the John D. Kennedy Institute for Worker Education. “The advanced certificate offers a balance of theory and practice for youth development professionals, and will articulate to many master’s degree level programs at both the CUNY School of Professional Studies and throughout the CUNY system.”

In keeping with CUNY’s mission of providing an affordable education to all students, the Youth Studies program will offer 15 of its advanced certificate students scholarships of up to $1,275 per semester for two semesters should they meet certain enrollment and academic criteria.