Kathleen Heck

RN to BS in Nursing

"The CUNY SPS program offers the perfect combination of the convenience and flexibility of an online program, coupled with the CUNY name that I knew I could trust. Not to mention the CUNY tuition that I knew I could afford!"

1. Why did you decide to become a nurse? What is the most gratifying aspect of your job? What is the most difficult aspect?                                                                  

I decided to become a nurse because I was interested in the healthcare field, and I realized that a nursing career offered a broad range of different possibilities and flexibility. Nurses don’t only work in hospitals - they are in the community, they are teaching, they are in corporate settings, they are doing research, they are working for insurance companies…. I could go on and on!                                                                                                                  

The most gratifying aspect of my job is helping people develop the skills they need to stay healthy, become healthier, and to have the best quality of life possible. 

2. Why did you choose to continue your nursing education at CUNY SPS?  Why an online program?                                                                                                              

I had been thinking about returning to school for a long time, and one day I unexpectedly came across an advertisement for the program – it was the sign I had been waiting for! The CUNY SPS program offers the perfect combination of the convenience and flexibility of an online program, coupled with the CUNY name that I knew I could trust. Not to mention the CUNY tuition that I knew I could afford!

3. Did you ever think that you would enroll in an online degree program? What has your experience been with online learning at CUNY SPS?                       

Online learning at CUNY SPS has been fantastic! The curriculum is rigorous, but the courses generally allow a great deal of flexibility in choosing your own research topics, so you can focus on those areas of practice that are of interest to you, and really make it your own. This keeps my studies not only interesting, but professionally relevant and rewarding, as well.

4.  How do you manage your career, classes, and your personal life?                     

Some days are easier than others! It’s a juggling act, and a work in progress every day. Lots of lists, and prioritizing and sometimes re-prioritizing those lists. It can be challenging, but it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment when you see that you really can make it work, and do it all.

5. What has been one of your favorite courses?  Favorite professors?                  

My favorite courses have been health teaching, and community health. As for the professors, they have all been very approachable, available, supportive and encouraging.

6. Which professional and/or personal goals would you like to achieve prior to graduation?                                                                                                                            

I had taken a break from working to stay home with my young children for a few years, so one of my goals was to get back into the workforce. I actually found my current job while I was looking for a clinical placement for one of my nursing courses! So that was another good thing that came out of my CUNY SPS experience!

7.  In your opinion, how do you believe you have grown thus far as a result of joining CUNY SPS?                                                                                                                

I feel like each nursing course that I take adds another layer of sophistication and polish to my professional practice, and provides me with some new tools that I can adapt into my nursing practice.

8. What advice would you offer someone considering applying for admission to the nursing program?                                                                                                       

Go for it! It’s a great program, and you will have a wonderful experience- depending on your other obligations, ease in with a few classes at first, get used to the format, and see how it goes!


Kathleen also shared some fun facts about her life:


1. Place of employment: YMCA

2. Job title: Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach

3. Place of residence: Staten Island, NY

4. Weirdest place you have studied: While waiting for a food order at Smorgasburg.

5. Best thing about NYC: The energy!

6. What you enjoy doing in your spare time (the little time that you have): Reading, running, shopping, eating, and having fun with my kids!

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