Alexandra Chang

RN to BS in Nursing

"If you're the kind of self-motivating person who does independent research 'for fun,' then CUNY SPS should be the perfect fit."

1. Why did you choose to continue your education at CUNY SPS?

My brain kicks in at the strangest times 9pm, 12am… 2:37 pm and 47 seconds – rarely when other “normal” humans go to school. I appreciate that I can work when my brain is most active; my work is of better quality and more enjoyable to complete. Also, it gives me the flexibility to work any schedule.

2. What is the single most important professional or personal goal that you would like to achieve during your studies at CUNY SPS or after graduation?

I aspire to be a traveling Trauma Registered Nurse. CUNY SPS gives me the opportunity to be more marketable to employers because I can work any shift and location. Because it’s online, I may even be able to start taking travel assignments before actually graduating from the program.

3. How have you grown intellectually as a result of your studies at CUNY SPS?

I rave about my studies—I’m not even joking. The research required for CUNY SPS allows me to learn about topics that I’m not only interested in, but can apply to my career TODAY! I find myself sharing what I’ve learned with my colleagues and patients all the time. CUNY SPS has made me more competent in my career.

4. What advice would you offer to someone considering applying for admission to the program?

While I find the research refreshing, it definitely requires time and commitment. If you’re the kind of self-motivating person who does independent research “for fun,” then CUNY SPS should be the perfect fit.

Alexandra also shares some fun facts about her life.

1. Place of residence: Harlem.

2. Favorite CUNY SPS course: NURS301 (so far).

3. Weirdest place you have studied: Tattoo Parlor.

4. Your favorite music to play while studying: Trip Hop.

5. Best thing about your community or NYC: Everyone belongs.

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