Coronavirus Update - March 11-2

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to update you regarding the announcement this evening from Chancellor Felix Matos Rodriguez regarding the Coronavirus.

First, as per the Chancellor’s announcement, I want to emphasize that the University is open for the week of March 12-19. You may have heard that campuses are implementing an “instructional recess” from tomorrow, March 12th, through Wednesday, March 18th, to prepare to offer their courses online, but please note that there will be no recess of courses at CUNY SPS that are fully online. This means that online faculty are to continue teaching, and students in these courses are to continue participating in class.

For those of our courses that are conducted on-campus, academic directors and the Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology are working with faculty to develop distance participation by March 19th.

Second, please note that the CUNY SPS campus buildings at 119 W. 31st St. and 101 W. 31st St. remain open for all non-instructional business and services. Students may come to campus if they wish: all services and assistance will continue to be provided.

As always during this extraordinarily challenging time, students who feel that they may need some assistance can contact CUNY SPS Counseling Services at  Likewise, resources for tax-levy faculty and staff are available through the Employee Assistance Program, Deer Oaks, at the Deer Oaks website using “cuny” (all lowercase) as your username and password. Research Foundation staff can contact a similar program, Health Advocate, at 866-799-2728 or via this website:

We will continue to keep you informed with the most current information as this situation progresses.



John Mogulescu, Dean
CUNY School of Professional Studies