Sara Felix

BS in Health Services Administration

Class of 2023

Sara Felix
"[This degree] helped me set another great example for my son, it adds to my great 15 ½ year healthcare experience, and it will bless me with many opportunities and new connections."

Why did you decide to join the BS in Health Services Administration program?

I was ready to pursue my education. I took a 3-year break and in between that time, I tried looking for another job and kept being denied because I didn’t have the degree. I knew I wanted to be an Administrator and the program seemed great. I felt that was a sign for me to keep going so I decided to enroll. CUNY SPS checked all my boxes and seemed like a great fit.

Why did you choose to continue your education online at CUNY SPS?

CUNY SPS was a great fit. I loved what the school offered, how supportive they seemed, and any questions I had they were helpful. It just felt like the right choice.

What was your motivation for returning to school for your bachelor’s degree?

I wanted to advance in my career. When doors kept being shut, I knew I had to continue my education. My motivation was also my son. To do better in life and show him anything is attainable.

Which skills have you acquired during your time at CUNY SPS that you believe will help you excel in the Health Services field?

I have acquired and enhanced so many skills. Patience, Different perspectives, Public speaking, and more. Different management styles as well as learning different teaching styles from my professors.

Can you talk about the connections/relationships you formed with your professors and other CUNY SPS students?

All my professors were great but different. They had different expectations, but they all respected the students and were there to help. As long as you did your part as a student (reach out/communicate), they offered support. I always felt comfortable to ask questions and engage with classmates. It was fun gaining feedback from my professors and I could tell they wanted me to do well because they always gave constructed criticism, which I appreciate. The students were from all age groups and walks of life, but it was nice to see we had a common goal and made the best of it. We worked together, formed connections, and learned so much from each other and about each other. I’m grateful for all of that.

In which ways have you grown as a result of your studies at CUNY SPS?

I have grown so much. I was so shy and nervous. Meeting new people and having such a great support system helped me step out of my shell. I became the president of an organization where I met beautiful people. They saw my potential, pushed me, and supported me the entire time. I have learned new ways of thinking and problem-solving. I become a better worker and a better person. I was taught things that can be applied to all aspects of life.

What impact do you think your degree will have on your career/life?

This degree will tremendously impact my life. It will help kick start my career as an administrator, it will help me set another great example for my son, it will add to my great 15 ½ year healthcare experience, and it will bless me with many opportunities and new connections.

I will also be in a position to help people be accomplished as well.

What advice would you offer someone who is considering an online program?

I would say not to be afraid and to go for it. All you need is a little discipline. CUNY SPS offers a lot of support. I never felt alone in the process. At the end of the day everyone there has a common goal. Just know you can do anything you set your mind to.

What does your future look like after CUNY SPS?

Currently, my future is looking bright. I took a much-needed break when I finished in December. I have since revised my resume, applied for jobs, and started interview prep.  It is very nerve-wracking, but exciting to see what lies ahead. I have continued to step outside the box and network as well.

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