Alex Perez

RN to BS in Nursing

Class of 2017

"After completing my degree with CUNY SPS, I have taken on further responsibilities at my job. I started leading nursing patient education sessions [and] I am also serving as a preceptor for students in RN programs...”


(photo is courtesy of Callen-Lorde Community Health Center)

Why did you choose CUNY SPS?

It was the most flexible, affordable, and convenient option for me. Also, I have been in the CUNY system since I started. One person from CUNY SPS visited my school before my AAS graduation and introduced us to the program. I fell in love with the idea of an online BSN program.

What most appealed to you about your CUNY SPS degree program?

The most appealing part of the program was the ability to fit my studying time into my lifestyle and needs. I always had to fit my time to other schools, I felt I had total control over my studies.

How did you find your online/classroom interaction with other students?  With faculty?

It was simple and easy. Classmates were very responsive and professors as well. When I met some of them in person I felt very comfortable.

What were some of the most defining aspects of your time at CUNY SPS?

My nursing reflection speech for the pinning ceremony and my Capstone project, especially the day of the presentation with the nursing staff, my project partner, and the faculty present. I never thought I would be able to put together a project of that magnitude.

What is the most important thing you learned at CUNY SPS?

The most important thing I learned was that continuing advancing in your career can take you far away, and programs like CUNY SPS allow people with complicated schedules to continue advancing in their academic lives.

How has your CUNY SPS degree influenced your career?

After completing my degree with CUNY SPS, I have taken on further responsibilities at my job. I started my own education course and my confidence and skills as a nurse have increased enormously. I am also serving as a preceptor for students in RN programs and started my Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner master’s degree at Hunter College in Spring 2018.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Seeing how I can make an impact in other people’s lives. To see my patients improving their health.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Working as a Primary Care Physician. Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner HIV/AIDS specialist, maybe practicing in a southern state.

Outside the Classroom

  • Giants, Jets, other, don’t care?  Knicks, Nets, other, don’t care?  Mets, Yankees, other, don’t care? I’m not into sports.
  • Favorite subway line?  Least favorite subway line? Favorite A line, least favorite D line. Lately, all of them are least favorite.
  • Netflix, Hulu, Cable, all three, neither? Netflix for sure
  • Favorite NYC attraction?  Favorite NYC cultural institution?  Bowlmor Chelsea Piers
  • Favorite music artist/band? Favorite artist Jessie J.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, none, all?  Facebook and Instagram.
  • Book or e-reader?  Favorite title or the most recent title you read?  Quiérete mucho maricón by Gabriel J. Martin.

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