Seminars on Science

Format: Online
Application Deadlines
  • Summer Session 1: June 10, 2024
  • Summer Session 2: July 22, 2024

Seminars on Science are online courses in the life, earth, and physical sciences. Offered by the American Museum of Natural History and available for graduate credit at CUNY, each course is rich in content that connects learners to the museum's scientists, laboratories, expeditions, and specimens.

The courses are co-taught by an experienced educator and a research scientist, and take place over six weeks, with a seventh week available for the completion of assignments.

Career Prospects

Seminars on Science are designed to prepare, support, and inspire educators, whether they are new teachers seeking resources to use in the classroom or seasoned educators, looking to update lesson plans or knowledge in a specific content area.

The courses are designed to deepen students’ understanding of scientific content and enhance students’ knowledge of the process of scientific inquiry.


  • Each course is worth 3 graduate credits should a student choose to earn credit from the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS).

Please visit the AMNH website for the most current calendar.

Admissions Criteria

Registrants must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in order to seek credit from CUNY SPS.


Matriculated CUNY students (except Brooklyn College)

  1. Do not register for the course through the Seminars on Science website.
  2. Obtain an ePermit to take a Seminars on Science class for credit through the CUNY School of Professional Studies. Faculty advisors at your home college must approve your request.
  3. To access ePermit, go to the CUNY Portal Login page. Once on the University's Login page, you will have to register for a CUNY Portal ID and Password, if you haven't already done so, by clicking on "Register" and following the directions. Once registered and logged in, you will be directed to your own "My Page" that has a link to the ePermit system prominently displayed. You can track the process online, and will be informed electronically when your request is approved or denied.
  4. If you have any questions about the ePermit system, please contact your home college registrar. If your home college registrar is unable to resolve the problem, contact SPS at (646) 664-8514 or

Brooklyn College Students

  1. Follow the instructions on the Brooklyn College Schedule of Graduate Courses Sections for registration instructions.

Non Matriculated (Non-Degree) Students

  1. Register for Seminars on Science courses via the American Museum of Natural History website.
  2. Ask the institution that awarded you your BA/BS to send a transcript of prior baccalaureate study directly to the CUNY SPS address listed above. They may charge an additional fee for this service. The CUNY SPS Registrar must receive your transcript before the final class session.
  3. In order to earn graduate credit from CUNY SPS, download the appropriate registration form below. If you are not already enrolled at CUNY, you will also need to pay an application fee (per semester).

Please email the completed form to the Office of Registar.

Application Deadlines

  • Summer Session 1: June 10, 2024
  • Summer Session 2: July 22, 2024