3-Week Summer Course

Thinking about taking a 3-week summer course?

A 3-week summer course is equivalent to a course taught in a traditional semester and offers the same course credit! Completing this course is possible with streamlined instructional content that is condensed into a shorter time frame.

What to expect: 

  • A 3-week summer session course has an intensive course load and time committment. Students will find that attending only the summer course creates a more successful path to completion.

  • Anticipate spending about 45 hours per week on coursework.

  • Attendance must be daily. Missing 3 days of class would be the equivalent of missing more than 2 weeks of class in a regular term.

3-week summer coursework guide

The suggested hours of coursework includes the time it takes to do the readings, assignments such as papers, discussion-board participation, and other types of activities. Students (and courses and even loads in particular weeks) do differ, of course, so exactly how long the work takes each week will also differ; still, this is a good guide.


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3-week course

45 hrs of coursework each week

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15-week semester

9-12 hrs of coursework each week

Contact the Office of Advisement for specific details about a course.