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Hours of Operation

119 West 31st  Street, New York, NY 10001

Hours for the CUNY School of Professional Studies main campus building at 119 West 31st Street:

119 W. 31st Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001

Office of Public Safety

Contact: 646.664.8600

For additional hours of operation, visit Facilities Management.

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Mogulescu, John

Senior University Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of the CUNY School of Professional Studies
Phone (Office): 646.664.8004
Fax: 646.664.8729
Email: john.mogulescu@mail.cuny.edu

Levine, Rachel

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Phone (Office): 646.664.8656
Email: rachel.levine@cuny.edu

Peterson, Brian

Associate Dean for Student and Community Affairs
Phone (Office): 646.664.8648
Fax: 646.664.8729
Email: Assoc_Dean.Peterson@sps.cuny.edu

Otte, George

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Phone (Office): 646.344.7258
Fax: 646.344.7269
Email: george.otte@mail.cuny.edu

Abraham, Otilia

Director of Academic Advisement
Phone (Office): 646.664.8560
Fax: 646.664.8724
Email: otilia.abraham@mail.cuny.edu

Abramovitz, Mimi

Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor at Hunter College
Phone (Office): 212.396.7535
Email: iabramov@hunter.cuny.edu

Ali, Rokshana

Acting Academic Program Specialist/Data Analytics and Information Systems
Phone (Office): 646.344.7302
Fax: 646.664.8722
Email: rokshana.ali@mail.cuny.edu

Alvarado, Jaime

Student Representative
Email: jaime.alvarado@spsmail.cuny.edu

Anderson-Buckley, Anjali

Academic Advisor
Phone (Office): 646.664.8562
Fax: 646.664.8724
Email: anjali.anderson-buckley@mail.cuny.edu

Andrews, Natalie

Assistant Project Director
Phone (Office): 929.221.5000
Email: natalie.andrews@cuny.edu

Displaying 1-10 of 278 results.