Student Software Projects Organization


Learning with fellow students and a creating a software project to share with the world. This offers an Avenue to learn technical skills and promote digital projects made by students. It's also an avenue to research many social issues and digital solutions.

For example, creating informatics systems for public health can help communities facing the brunt of many healthcare crises. Even as a student research project, it's possible to connect with researchers and other stakeholders to find a way to develop the project further. This can help a lot with career goals and meeting new people and getting involved with many organizations.

The modern frameworks like low code and serverless environments open the door to any major to create solution environments. Learning JavaScript for example and a simple database can bring many ideas into a functioning solution to share.

Open source and YouTube open the doors to learn most software environments. The fun of this club is creating working software by learning from the beginning and finishing with a working product.

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