Student Nurses Association

Please allow us to introduce a student organization that was started five years ago and is now preparing to be officially recognized by CUNY SPS - the CUNY SPS Student Nurses Association!

The purpose is to provide a forum for students to interact with their educational environment and to foster leadership skills and professional development.

We recognize the Core Values, established by the National Student Nurses Association, Inc.:

  • Leadership and Autonomy
  • Quality Education
  • Advocacy
  • Professionalism
  • Care
  • Diversity

Active Participation in the SNA...

  • Fosters leadership skills and responsibility
  • Builds connections with students from other nursing classes
  • Establishes a working relationship between students and faculty
  • Allows students to discuss matters of concern
  • Facilitates activities that enhance and promote SPS Nursing
  • PLUS, we have fun too!

Student officer roles:

  • SNA President
  • SNA Vice President
  • SNA Secretary/Treasurer
  • SNA Media Coordinator

SNA Student Class Representatives:

  • Encourage class members to attend SNA meetings
  • Solicit from class any issues of concern
  • Communicate issues of concern during SNA meetings

Leadership coming soon.

To join the SPS Student Nurses Association, please fill out the following form:

We look forward to joining together to plan events for this spring and beyond!