Film Club

Mission Statement

Expand CUNY SPS alumni and student’s exposure to film through film screenings, discussions, interviews, and production.

About the Film Club

To explore the power of film through screenings and discussions, and to build community around an appreciation of cinema. We aim to create a shared cultural experience focused on creative analysis, spirited discourse, and broadening perspectives.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Alsop, Assistant Professor and Director, Communication and Media and Liberal Studies

AY2021-2022 Executive Committee Members

Daryll Esposito, President

Kristie Acosta, Co-President

Mikhail Kulin, Secretary

*All monthly administrative meetings to take place at 5:00 pm EDT and are subject to change pending scheduling conflicts. All communications and meeting notices to be sent via:

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For more information about the Film Club, or any student life activity or program, please contact association director of student life, Anthony Sweeney.

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