Student Association Representatives

The Student Association is composed of nine (9) representatives: five (5) undergraduate students and four (4) graduate students. The representatives serve a term of one year (September—June) and are elected by the student body during elections held each spring semester. Students may self-nominate to run for Student Association by sending an email to the Office of Student Services:

The Student Association representatives must be in good academic standing by earning and maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduates and satisfactory academic progress towards completion of your degree.     

Leonard Blades

USS Graduate Delegate

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Brandon Clarke

USS Undergraduate Delegate

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Yvette Humphries


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Portia Lightfoot


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Latif Masud

Public Editor

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Sarah Krusemark

Technology Editor

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Rohan Ketwaroo


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Lisa Sheridan

USS Undergraduate Delegate

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Shakima Williams-Jones


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To contact the Student Association please send an email to