Graduation Application

2022 commencement

Students will need to complete an application for graduation. Below you will find instructions for filing an application to graduate as well as filing deadlines.

Please read instructions carefully before filing.

Graduation Requirements

Please refer to the CUNY School of Professional Studies Catalog for the current academic year for information on degree or certificate requirements as well as consulting your academic advisor. Be sure to read the "Degree Requirements" or "Certificate Requirements" information on your program.

Note: Students should contact their department for guidance on final project submissions.

Filing Procedures

  1. Complete the graduation application, including your full legal name; this is the name that will appear on your diploma.
  2. Print then return the completed application to the Office of Registrar. The address is on the form. You will be notified by mail if there are any problems with the degree application.
  3. Any applications not filled out properly will be returned to the student. The returned application will not be accepted until filled out properly.
Filing Deadlines * Date of Award
July 1 August
November 1 January
March 1 June

* Exact dates for degree/certificate awards may be found in the Academic Calendar for the appropriate Academic Year. If a filing date falls on a weekend, applications and forms are due the following business day without penalty.

Graduation application will be processed and audited after the filing date. This is a lengthy process as each application is audited individually. Students will be contacted via email and regular mail if there are any problems. Letters verifying the degree/certificate award will be mailed on the conferral date to those who have completed all requirements. Instructions for diploma distribution will be included. Diplomas/certificates will be mailed only upon receipt of the address label enclosed within the award letter or upon a written request by the degree recipient. A diploma will not be released to anyone with outstanding financial obligations to the institution.

Only one commencement ceremony is held each year in June. All students who have applied for or earned a degree or certificate for that academic year will receive commencement information in Mid-March. Please make sure your address is updated with our office to receive this important information.