Textbooks and Course Materials

The following provides information on how to purchase and/or access required textbooks or other required course materials.

Bookstore and Booksellers

Students are encouraged to find books at a vendor that is most convenient for them. To help with their search students may refer to CUNY's "How to Save Money on Textbooks".

How to Save Money on Text Books


Some instructors may compile copyrighted materials from various sources (journals, textbooks, books, etc.) to create a coursepack instead of or in addition to a textbook. 

E-Library, E-Books, E-Collections

Instructors may require readings that are available through the Newman Library's vast e-books and e-texts collection. To search for electronic materials accessible through the Newman Library visit: http://newman.baruch.cuny.edu/search/databases_ie7.php.

Course Reserves

Some instructors may make books and/or other course materials available through the electronic course reserve system at the Newman Library. For more information about accessing course reserve materials visit: http://newman.baruch.cuny.edu/services/sps.html.