Spring 2020 Flexible Grading Policy

The special COVID-19 Flexible Grading Policy for the Spring 2020 Semester was approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees on March 30, 2020. This policy gives students who are enrolled in credit-bearing courses the option to convert any or all of the (A-F) letter grades they earn in their Spring 2020 classes, to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading.

CUNY Credit/No Credit Information and Instructions

If you have any questions, please contact flexiblegradingpolicy@sps.cuny.edu.

Important Deadlines for Spring 2020

  • May 14: deadline to withdraw and receive grade of “W”
  • May 28:  deadline for faculty to submit grades
  • June 25: deadline for students to select a CR/NC grade

Spring Degree Conferral Dates

June 1

Students who applied to graduate in the Spring will be reviewed for a June 1 conferral date. If all degree requirements have been met, the degree will be awarded with that date.

July 1

Students who plan to opt into the CR/NC policy or who need additional time to make up INC grades will have their degrees awarded as of July 1 if the courses have been finalized by then.

Academic Advisement

It is important that students speak with their academic advisor before selecting CR/NC grades, as implications for opting in vary based on your academic program. Students enrolled in a Nursing program should review the information posted for Students Pursuing Licensed Health Professions Programs.

  • Undergraduate Degree Students: contact your academic advisor listed in CUNYfirst.
  • Graduate Degree and Certificate Students: contact your program staff member.
  • CUNY ePermit Students: contact your academic advisor at your home campus.
  • Nondegree Students:
    • If you are enrolled in a degree program at another college, contact your academic advisor at that college.
    • College Now/Early College Initiative Students: contact Marlowe Paraiso at marlowe.paraiso@dfa.state.ny.us.
    • All other nondegree students: contact Yolanda Ransom at yolanda.ransom@cuny.edu.

Financial Aid and Tuition Support

The following information is specific to the Spring 2020 Flexible Grading Policy. Please note that selecting a grade of NC does not eliminate tuition liability.

Federal Student Aid

Students who receive federal aid are required to successfully complete courses within a specified period of time, with a determined GPA and at a pace based on the length of their academic program, known as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). However, the federal CARES Act allows for a college to exclude any attempted credits that you did not complete from spring 2020 semester SAP calculation, as a result of COVID-19. You will not need to submit an appeal for the exception.

  • Federal aid specific to CUNY SPS students includes Pell, SEOG, and loans.
  • If you have any questions, please contact financialaid@sps.cuny.edu.

State Student Aid

Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC), New York State’s higher education student financial aid agency, has determined that students certified by the college as impacted by COVID-19 and receiving state financial aid will not suffer negative consequences regarding their current or future awards. You will be required to submit the CUNY COVID-19 Financial Aid Documentation form to the college where you are enrolled to support your circumstance.


Private scholarships may not accept a grade of CR. Please contact bursar@sps.cuny.edu for more information.

Employer Sponsored Tuition Benefits

Your company may not accept a grade of CR. Please contact bursar@sps.cuny.edu if you are unsure that your company will pay for a CR grade.