FAQ on the 70% Return to Campus Guidelines

Last updated: February 18, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Guidelines related to the 70% Return to Campus on February 28, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: This page is being continuously updated. Questions will be added and answered over the next few days and weeks.

The University recently issued the in-person attendance guidelines for CUNY employees’ return to campus in Spring 2022. Subsequently, Interim Dean Silva-Puras provided further clarification for the CUNY SPS community. Since then, a number of questions have been raised throughout our School, some of which are addressed in this FAQ. Please check this page often for the most up-to-date information.

As always, we reiterate the importance of full vaccination to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Vaccination and proper PPE usage have demonstrated a reduction in the spread of the virus. To the greatest extent feasible, we ask that all members of the CUNY SPS community get fully vaccinated, for your own safety and that of your families, friends, colleagues, and community.

70% return, and what does that mean

Work stations, physical distancing requirements, and meals



Remote work agreements

ADA Accommodations, FMLA Accommodations etc.



Additional questions submitted and not answered at the 2/9/22 Town Hall include but are not limited to CUNY Online, internal communications, morale, strategic plan, financial health, and the suggestion box. These items will be addressed in communications or at an upcoming Town Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spring 2022 Return to the Office


1. Can there be a repository for policies and processes related to the 70% return to the office?

Answer: YES. This page includes various relevant documents on policies and processes (see below) and will continue to be updated regularly.

2. Can the community receive more frequent communications from the dean/associate dean of administration and finance about the roll-out of the 70% return and as needed to keep the community as up to date as possible?

Answer: YES. The Town Hall will meet part of this need, and additional communications will be circulated before February 28. This FAQ will be continually updated with the most up-to-date information, as well.

Safety Masks

1. Will the mask policy continue as is until further notice?

Answer: Yes, for the time being, everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask. Full details are available at https://www.cuny.edu/coronavirus/university-updates/clarity-new-mask/.

2. Will employees be asked to wear masks provided by the School?

Answer: Employees may wear their own masks or masks provided by SPS. We highly recommend the use of higher quality masks (respirators) but staff may wear their own masks. Please note that the CDC has indicated that cloth masks do not offer the same level of protection as higher quality masks.

3. Are N95 masks required or optional? Will CUNY SPS provide N95 masks every day for every staff member?

Answer: The use of KN95 or N95 masks is optional. The School will ensure that masks are available every day for every staff member. The type of mask will be determined by the available inventory.


1. Can the 70% be applied to hours vs. days as long as an employee works the equivalent hours in the office?

Answer: That is not being considered at this time. More details will be shared at the Town Hall.


1. Will the 70% on campus schedule be applied with consistency to all CUNY SPS employees?

Answer: This policy applies to all full-time employees, with the exception of faculty who are assigned to 100% online teaching.

2. How will 70% be monitored? Who will monitor? What are the consequences if there isn’t 70% on campus?

Answer: Supervisors will monitor their teams, and we hope that all employees will assist us in this process.

3. There are concerns about staffing capacity. What steps can CUNY SPS and/or the University take to retain current and attract new talent?

Answer: Attracting and retaining talent has always been a priority for CUNY SPS, and we work very closely with CUNY Central and locally on our campus to develop robust recruitment plans for all positions.


A. CUNY Academic Year 2021-2022 Safety Guidance

B. Mask Guidelines

C. CUNY Testing Site Locations and Hours

D. Faculty & Staff Guide to Vaccination Verification