Fall 2020 Flexible Grading Policy

The Fall 2020 flexible grading policy allows students enrolled in most classes at CUNY SPS to convert the traditional letter grade earned in most courses (any grade from B+ to D), into a grade of Credit (“CR”) or F to No Credit (“NC”). Unlike traditional letter grades, which affect the grade point average (“GPA”), grades of Credit or No Credit will not factor into the GPA. This policy applies to undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree students.

Contact: advisement@sps.cuny.edu 

The Fall 2020 flexible grading policy excludes the following classes:

  • BIO 310 AND all classes that begin with the prefix of NURS
    • Accreditation regulations require letter grades to progress through the program
  • PSY 301, PSY 302, and PSY 499
    • These courses are excluded because a grade below C is not be considered successful completion for these critical courses in the major

Important Deadlines for Fall 2020

  • December 13: deadline to withdraw and receive grade of “W”
  • December 23:  deadline for faculty to submit grades
  • December 24: students can begin to select a CR/NC grade
  • January 12: deadline for students to select a CR/NC grade

Degree Conferral Dates

  • January 9: Students who applied to graduate in the Fall will be reviewed for a January 9, 2021 conferral date. If all degree requirements have been met, the degree will be awarded with that date.
  • February 1: Students who plan to opt into the CR/NC policy or who need additional time to make up INC grades will have their degrees awarded as of February 1, 2021 if the courses have been finalized by then.

Helpful CUNY Links

Academic Advisement

It is important that students speak with their academic advisor before selecting CR/NC grades, as implications for opting in vary based on your academic program.

  • Degree and Certificate Students: contact your academic advisor listed in CUNYfirst
  • CUNY ePermit Students: contact your academic advisor at your home campus
  • Nondegree Students

If you are enrolled in a degree program at another college, contact your academic advisor at that college.

Financial Aid and Tuition Support

The following information is specific to the Fall 2020 Flexible Grading Policy. Please note that selecting a grade of NC does not eliminate tuition liability.

Federal Student Aid

Students who receive federal aid are required to successfully complete courses within a specified period of time, with a determined GPA and at a pace based on the length of their academic program, known as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  However, the federal CARES Act allows for a college to exclude any attempted credits that you did not complete for class meeting dates that includes December 31, 2020 or the end date for the Federally-declared emergency from SAP calculation, because of COVID-19. You will not need to submit an appeal for the exception.

  • Federal aid specific to CUNY SPS students includes Pell, SEOG, and loans
  • If you have any questions, please contact financialaid@sps.cuny.edu


Private scholarships may not accept a grade of CR. Please contact bursar@sps.cuny.edu for more information.

Employer Sponsored Tuition Benefits

Your company may not accept a grade of CR. Please contact bursar@sps.cuny.edu if you are unsure that your company will pay for a CR grade.

Veteran Students

Veteran students using the GI Bill® are strongly advised to contact the campus VA School Certifying Official prior to declaring the CR/NC option to discuss the implications for your benefits. Dr. Christopher Leydon at veterans@sps.cuny.edu can help you.