Apply for CUNY SPS Scholarships

To be considered for a scholarship, currently enrolled, degree seeking, undergraduate and graduate students should submit a scholarship application online. Students are considered for CUNY SPS scholarships based on fund eligibility and overall assessment of your scholarship application.

Login Information to Apply for Scholarships:

The login for scholarship applications is your Baruch Library/CUNY SPS credentials.

Contact the Help Desk at or 646-664-8592 for any issues with your login credentials.

Scholarship application opens January 10, 2019 and closes March 1, 2019.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Eligibility varies for each scholarship.  Refer to CUNY SPS Scholarships for more details. Students must have completed at least 6 credits at CUNY SPS to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship Award Cycle:

The scholarship application opens in the beginning of the spring semester. Awards are distributed once a year in the fall semester, unless otherwise stated on the individual scholarship application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Terms and Conditions

Scholarships and awards are subject to financial availability, and CUNY SPS reserves the right to reduce or rescind any scholarship or award if financial circumstances dictate.

Scholarships may not be deferred. Recipients must use the scholarship in the year(s) for which it is awarded.

To maintain scholarship awards, scholarship recipients must remain in good academic standing as described by the undergraduate and graduate grading policies in the CUNY SPS Catalog and Handbook.

CUNY employees receiving tuition waivers are not eligible for CUNY SPS Scholarships.


Students who have questions about Scholarship opportunities or their Scholarship application may submit them to the CUNY SPS Office of Scholarships via email at

Students who have questions about the impact of Scholarships on their financial aid eligibility may submit them to the CUNY SPS Office of Financial Aid via email at