Credit for Non-Collegiate Learning

Credit for non-collegiate learning is a credit recommendation for college-level learning acquired outside of a college or university.

The American Council on Education (ACE) and the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCR) have evaluated college-level training programs, credentials, and licenses from the military, government, and the public sector that may be eligible for college credit at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

CUNY SPS also awards credit for currently reviewed licenses and certifications in the fields of Nursing, Health Information Management, IT, Project Management, Real Estate, Business,  and Emergency Medical Technician.  

For more information about credit for non-collegiate prior learning please contact us

Prospective students and applicants may schedule a meeting with an academic advisor to obtain an unofficial credit evaluation for an undergraduate degree program.

Pre-evaluated Credentials/Licenses as of January 09, 2019

AHIMA, AAPC, Project Management evaluated by Charter Oak
Nursing credentials and CASAC evaluated by CUNY SPS, Excelsior, Empire, & Charter Oak
Project Management, NYS Real Estate & Property and Casualty Broker's License, EMT, FINRA evaluated by Empire State