Summer Session 2018

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Finish Your Degree Faster this Summer.

Summer Session at the CUNY School of Professional Studies is a great way to make progress toward graduation by catching up on courses or moving ahead in your degree. It's the perfect time to enroll in a general education course or that elective you've been eager to take. Summer Session is open to current and newly admitted CUNY SPS students, all current CUNY students via ePermit, and visiting students from other colleges.

Summer 2018 Application/Registration Form (PDF) - Visiting and Nondegree Students

Earn up to 9 credits between our three Summer Session options:




Registration Deadline for ePermit & Visiting Students

7 Week Session

June 4 – July 19

Up to 6 credits

ePermit: May 30

Nondegree/Visiting: May 21

10 Week Session

June 4 – August 12

Up to 6 credits

ePermit: May 30

Nondegree/Visiting: May 21

3 Week Session

July 26 – August 15

Up to 3 credits

ePermit: July 20

Nondegree/Visiting: May 16

  • Current CUNY School of Professional Studies Students: Students may register for summer session via CUNYfirst beginning Monday, March 12. If you have questions about summer session registration, please contact your academic or program advisor. For financial aid information, email
  • Current CUNY Students (e-Permit): If you are a CUNY student who would like to take a summer class at CUNY SPS, follow these instructions for the ePermit process.

If you have never applied for admission to a CUNY SPS bachelor’s program and would like to start your degree with a summer class, you will need to apply for Fall 2018 admission. After submitting your application, you will need to complete your application by May 1, 2018 and be admitted for the fall in order to be eligible for our summer session. Please contact the Office of Admissions at if you have already submitted or plan to submit a new application and have questions about our summer session.

Helpful Links:

For Course Descriptions, please visit the Catalog and enter the Subject and Course Number in the Catalog Search.

Summer Session Course Offerings:


"7 Week Session Courses"

Zero Textbook Cost Courses are available (PDF)

Subject Course # Class Title
BUS  200 Intro To Business
BUS  210 Business Math
BUS  301 Managerial Economics
BUS  305 Account Fundamentals
BUS  310 Found Bus Statistics
BUS  315 Prin Of Marketing
BUS  320 Prin Of Management
BUS  321 Human Resource Management
BUS  325 Principles of M I S
BUS  330 Business Law I
BUS  333 Corporate Finance
BUS  335 Operations Management
BUS  340 Sm Bus Mgt & Entrep
BUS  346 Investments
BUS  410 Research Methods Business
BUS  440 Internship
BUS  460 Virtual Enterprise
BUS  470 Strategic Management
BUS  600 Org Behavior & Leadership
BUS  608 Negotiation & Conflct Resolution
BUS  617 Wrkplce Values & Happiness
BUS  630 Bus Law/Ethics Digital Age
BUS  640 Accounting for Bus Decisions
BUS  650 Knowledge & Info Systems
BUS  655 New Media & Elec Commerce
BUS  660 Corp & Intnl Finance
BUS  670 Quantitative Decision-Making
BUS  680 Econ For Bus Decisions
CIS  101 Cmptr Fundmntls & Applic
CIS  101 Cmptr Fundmntls & Applic
ECO  202 Macroeconomics
CM  203 Intro Communications & Media
CM  310 Visual Communication
CM  311 Writ New Elec Media
CM  499 Communication & Media Capstone
DATA  620 Web Analytics
DATA  621 Business Analyt & Data Mining
DATA  643 Current Topics in Data Analytics
IS  200 Foundations of Info Systems
IS  205 IT Infrastructure and Support
IS  260 Ntwks/Bus Data Comm
IS  326 E-Commerce for I S
DSAB  231 Comm Mental Health
DSAB  251 Disab & Family
DSAB  628 Disabil & Education
DSAB  651 Special Topics
DSSV  651 Topics in Disability Services
HIM  451 Prof Pract Experience II
HRL  270 Human Relations in Mgmt
AFRS  101 Ethnology Of Africa
AMER  200 American History & Culture
ART  210 Modern Art In The City
AST  101 Intro to Astronomy
CHEM  101 General Chemistry
COM  110 Digital Literacy
COM  210 Writing At Work
EAS  250 Oceanography
ECO  201 Microeconomics
ENG  102 College Writing II
ENG  331 Folk & Fairy Tales
FLM  307 Film Literacies
GEOG  301 International Migration & Ethn
HIST  102 Mod World-1500-Presnt
LANG  201 Lang-Multicultural Setting
MATH  102 Math In Contemp Soc
MATH  215 Introduction to Statistics
PHIL  201 Bioethics for Health Professions
PLA  300 Portfolio Development
QUAN  201 Quan Reason & Society
SPAN  101 Begin Spanish I
SPAN  102 Begin Spanish II
SPAN  110 Span-Health Professions
NURS  302 Health Teaching
NURS  303 Caring in Communities
NURS  313 Nursing Informatics
NURS  350 Nursing Research
NURS  461 Global Health Issues
NURS  613 Advanced Practice Pharmacology
PSY  101 General Psychology
PSY  220 Developmental Psychology
PSY  230 Learning & Cognition
PSY  240 Socio-Cultural Approaches
PSY  301 Statistical Methods
PSY  302 Advanced Research Methods
PSY  605 Biological Found of Behavior
PSY  615 Theories of Personality
PSY  625 Advanced Statistics
RM  201 Intro to Research Methods
ORGD  341 Organization Change/Leadership
SOC  216 Social Problems
YS  659 Special Topics in Youth Studies
"10 Week Session Courses"
Subject Course # Class Title
BIO  310 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
HIM  205 Healthcare Delivery Systems
HIM  331 Legal/Eth Aspect-Healthcare
HIM  351 Prof Practice Experience I
HIM  360 Priv/Security HIM
HIM  380 Reimbursement Methodologies
HIM  440 Advanced Coding
HIM  441 Coding Capstone
PHE  200 Intro to Public Health
NURS  300 Transition to Prof Nursing
"3 Week Session Courses"

Zero Textbook Cost Courses are available (PDF)

Subject Course # Class Title
BUS  200 Intro To Business
BUS  315 Prin Of Marketing
BUS  321 Human Resource Management
CM  314 Film and Television
IS  250 Comp/Network Security
IS  326 E-Commerce for I S
IS  330 Logistics/Sup Chain Mgmt
ECO  201 Microeconomics
ENG  211 World Literature
ENG  301 Science Fiction
PHIL 110 Critical Thinking
PHYS  301 Space Time & Motion
PSY  101 General Psychology
SOC  101 Intro to Sociology
YS  659 Special Topics in Youth Studies