New York Union Semester

Live in New York City. Defend workers’ rights. Get paid and earn college credits.

New York Union Semester is a full-time intensive academic and internship program that provides students with an opportunity to put their passion for social justice to work, both inside and outside the classroom. As interns, students learn first-hand how unions and labor organizations fight for workers’ rights by contributing to the movement themselves. Students analyze the experience they gain in the field by studying the history and current status of the U.S. labor movement.

Undergraduate students earn 16 credits and are awarded a Certificate in Labor Studies, and graduate students earn 12 credits and are awarded a Graduate Certificate in Labor Studies  upon completion of the program. The program welcomes undergraduates, recent college graduates, and graduate students.

Students participate in New York Union Semester to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the labor movement
  • Sharpen their analytic skills in order to be more effective in their studies or on the job
  • Obtain professional experience that can help build a career path in labor and social justice
  • Earn transferable college or graduate credits
  • Gain exposure to related fields including law, economics, history, or political science
  • Receive a partial tuition scholarship and a weekly stipend to help cover program costs and living expenses

Contact Us

To speak with the NY Union Semester Coordinator, Sarah Hughes, call (212) 642-2075 or email