New York Union Semester

New York Union Semester

Live in New York City. Defend workers’ rights. Get paid and earn college credits.

New York Union Semester is one of a kind full-time semester-long program that combines rigorous academic study with first-hand experience within the labor movement. As interns, students learn hands-on how unions and labor organizations fight for workers’ rights by contributing to the movement themselves. During class time, students analyze the experience they gain in the field by studying the history of and current debates within the U.S. labor movement.

As part of the program, students receive a stipend of $7,000 to cover tuition and living expenses, while interning four days a week at a union or worker-rights organization. During the evenings and all-day on Fridays, students take classes with the renowned Labor Studies faculty at the Murphy Institute. Upon completion of the program, undergraduate students earn 16 credits and are awarded a Certificate in Labor Studies, and graduate students earn 12 credits and are awarded an Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies. These credits can be applied towards the MA in Labor Studies.

Internship Timeline

Applications for Fall 2017 are due June 1, 2017.  New York Union Semester accepts applicants for Fall and Spring semester ONLY. Each semester consists of 1-week orientation, fifteen weeks of internship and classes, and a finals week.


The program welcomes undergraduates, recent college graduates, and graduate students from anywhere in the world. New York Union Semester is a seventeen-week, full-time commitment.  Program participants will not have time for additional classes and/or work a second job.

In order to qualify for admission to New York Union Semester, undergraduate applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and must have successfully completed 45 college credits before the start of the New York Union Semester. Graduate applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or a GPA of a 3.0 or higher in a post-baccalaureate program.

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