The Murphy Institute Writing Center

Student taking notes

The Murphy Writing Center is a resource for writing support. It is one of a few writing centers in the nation designed specifically for working adults.

We offer a variety of writing support options:

  1. In Person – meet face to face with a writing expert
  2. Online Chat – after sharing your document on the online scheduler, chat with a writing expert
  3. Telephone appointment – share your document on the online scheduler and discuss your paper with a writing expert over the phone

Students enrolled in any Murphy Program are welcome to use the Writing Center and its resources. The Writing Center is located at 25 West 43rd Street, across from the computer lab on the 19th Floor.

To sign up for our services, go to, then click “register for an account.” For more information about our staff and services, please visit

Murphy students at Queens College, please email Isaac Rodriguez for information about writing support at For additional information contact Michael Rymer at (212) 642-2014 or via email at