International Program for Labor, Climate, and Environment

Launched in early 2015, Murphy’s International Program for Labor, Climate and Environment aspires to be a hub for education, research, policy development and alliance-building for US and international unions working on energy, climate change, and ecological and social sustainability.

The program is directed by Dr. Sean Sweeney, an established voice in the international trade union movement’s effort to address climate change.

Presently, the signature project of the newly launched program is Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED). More than thirty unions from 14 countries participate in the project. Unions involved in TUED are developing an independent, internationalist, and science-based trade union approach to energy transition, and advocate for the democratic control and social ownership of energy resources, infrastructure and options.

The International Program is a full partner of the Global Labour Institute Network, the purpose of which is to promote international solidarity among trade union organizations and between these and other organizations and movements of civil society with the objective of achieving a democratic and sustainable world society.