Undergraduate Program offered through Community Semester

In their first semester, undergraduate students take a specialized set of four courses offered in the BA in Urban and Community Studies.  This program is designed for individuals who are in the initial stages of building their leadership capacity, allowing students the opportunity to study urban problems and social services that impact immigrant and working-class populations and underserved New York City neighborhoods. 

The program provides students with skills and knowledge in the areas of public service and social advocacy.  Additionally, Community Semester NYC helps prepare students for careers in community organizing, public policy, social action research, and leadership.  Students take the following courses:

Three required four-credit courses:

  • URB 321: Community Organizing and Community Organizations
  • URB 339: Urban and Community Studies Fieldwork
  • LPOL 301: NYC Work, Culture, and Politics

And one additional four-credit course elective from:

  • URB 323: Community Development
  • URB 324: Introduction to Non-Profit Leadership
  • CM 203: Communications and Media (offered on-line, three credits)
  • POL 201: Politics and Government of New York City (offered on-line, three credits)
  • URB 451: Special Topics Course content will vary based on emerging trends, needs, and practices in the fields of community organizing and community development.