Graduate Program offered through Community Semester

In their first semester, graduate students will take a specialized set of four courses offered in the MA in Urban Studies.  This program serves the educational needs of seasoned students and community leaders, professionals in the field, and activists who want to advance their careers and enhance their contributions to leadership and social change. 

The program is designed to develop skills and knowledge in the areas of history, organizing, leadership development, nonprofit management, urban issues and public policy.  It helps prepare students for careers in the areas of community organizing, advocacy, public policy, research, and law.  Students take the following courses to complete the program:

Three required three-credit courses:

  • URB 635: Community Organization (required)
  • URB 639: Fieldwork (required)
  • LPOL 602: NYC Work, Culture, and Politics (required)

One additional three-credit course elective to be selected from:

  • URB 612: Urban Social Problems and Community Development
  • URB 622: Intro to Non-Profit Governance and Management
  • URB 651: Special Topics: Course content will vary based on emerging trends, needs, and practices in the fields of community organizing and community development.