About Community Semester

Community Semester students take classes with accomplished Urban Studies faculty at the Murphy Institute while interning at community-based organizations, a multi-organizational, issue-based campaign, or with city agencies or political offices focused on constituent services, legislative policy, and community outreach. Students share their commitment to supporting local movements as well as community organizing, outreach, constituency support, and policy research while analyzing their experiences in the field with practitioners working within New York City communities. The students receive financial support toward educational expenses while interning with committed community activists, networking with local leaders, and taking action on some of the many issues affecting New Yorkers.

Students who are placed in an internship opportunity will receive a $7,000.00 stipend. The stipend will cover the cost of tuition and fees, as well as educational expenses for the semester.

The curriculum is both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary, incorporating political science, urban studies, labor studies, community organizing, urban planning, urban affairs, and communications—focused on preparing students for leadership positions in nonprofits serving urban populations.