A Bridge to Admission: Free Online Workshops for Data Science Applicants

To help applicants prepare for the rigorous work required in the MS in Data Science, we provide three different workshops:

  • SQL

  • R Programming Basics

  • Probability and Linear Algebra Basics

These noncredit workshops run concurrently, are offered online, and are free. To be eligible for the workshops, you must apply to the program and gain conditional acceptance.

The MS in Data Science is an intensive and fast-paced online program. Students without recent background in programming or math may find themselves spending 15 or more hours per week in each course to keep up with assignments. While all of our entering students have academic and/or professional experience in mathematics, probability/statistics, and programming/databases, some would benefit from these short courses.

Bridge Workshops


This workshop is designed for students that do not have recent experience writing SQL Queries.  In this course you will:

  • Set up and configure your database environment.
  • Create and populate databases and tables in a reproducible manner.
  • Implement one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.
  • Query information from multiple tables, using JOIN and UNION clauses.

Completing this workshop readies entering students for most of the courses in the program, starting with Data Acquisition and Management.

R Programming Basics

This workshop is designed for applicants who wish to learn the basics of working with the R statistical language, which includes:

  • Setting up and configuring your environment: R, R Studio, GitHub, and rpubs.com
  • R data types (esp. data frames)
  • Functions, control structures, and vectorized operations
  • Managing strings and dates
  • “Base R” exploratory data analysis

Completing this R Programming Basics workshop readies entering students for courses such as Statistics and Probability for Analytics and Data Acquisition and Management.

Probability and Linear Algebra Basics

• Combinatorics and set theory
• Conditional probability
• R tools for basic probability and statistics
• Computational linear algebra basics with R

Completing this Probability and Linear Algebra Basics workshop readies entering students for courses such as Statistics and Probability for Analytics and Computational Mathematics.