Patrycja Golinska

At-Large Steering Officer, Student Association


I am a current student in the MS in Business Management and Leadership program at CUNY SPS, where I also serve as an officer at large on the student association. I am excited to take on this role where we meet as a group, address rising concerns of students, and discuss solutions that can enhance the experiences that students have during their time here. I think it is important to listen and be the voice that drives change because it not only affects the current student body, but future students, as well. In my role, I also assist members who are leading several on-campus events, which foster collaboration and success among students, staff, and administration.

I work in hospital administration as a residency and administrative specialist. This role exposed me to the world of business administration and aided my decision to pursue my master's degree. I knew I wanted to stay in the CUNY system for schooling, where I also previously received my associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. For the past three years in a row, I have won the STAR Performer employee appreciation award, which is a program where employees are nominated by physicians and staff for their consistent and exceptional service, and are then recognized at an annual reception. I now serve on the Results Rewards Recognition Committee that reviews all nominations for the Department of Medicine and can give back to others who are equally deserving. I have taken on additional roles by serving on our Divisional Quality Improvement Committee, our departmental Quality and Patient Safety Committee, and worked with our program director to successfully spearhead and launch a new procedural service at our hospital. In all of these roles, I evaluate the current performance by running data reports and analyses to better understand how we can improve and be more efficient in certain areas while also remaining competitive. I do not settle for things being as they are because I know there is always room for growth. I like to set personal goals often, monitor my progress, and adjust as needed in order to achieve my goals more effectively.

I believe my ambition and drive for success and dedication to excellence in all that I do will make me a continued valuable addition to the student association, and therefore I am running as a representative in the upcoming term. I am looking forward to a positive response, and thank you for your consideration.