Payment Methods


Please be advised that effective March 13, 2016, CUNY will be making revisions to the procedures for utilizing a credit or debit card for tuition and fee payments. Students will no longer be able to use a credit or debit card to make payments to CUNY SPS for past due balances.

Checking or Savings Account

Students can make an online payment through CUNYfirst. All payments made online will be reflected on your account immediately after you receive your 6 digit payment confirmation number. Note that it can take up to 5 business days for the funds to leave your account.

Follow the instructions below to make your payment online:

  1. Log into your CUNYfirst account.
  2. From the Enterprise Menu, select HR/Campus Solutions
  3. Navigate to Self Service >> Student Center. Under Finance, click on the Account Inquiry link.
  4. Select Make a Payment button to settle your tuition bill. 
  5. Select the option for which you wish to settle your tuition balance. Click the Next button.
  6. Enter Your billing information and click on the Next button.
  7. Specify the amount of your payment. Click Next.
  8. A message prompt regarding your payment will pop up. Click OK and confirm your payment. 
  9. Once you have confirmed your payment, click the Submit button.


Personal Checks/Money Order

Please send checks or money orders, made payable to CUNY School of Professional Studies, to:
CUNY School of Professional Studies
119 West 31st Street, Suite 123
New York, NY 10001
Attn: Bursar Office

*We do not accept cash or credit cards in person. We cannot process payments over the phone.


Students can sign up for a payment plan through Nelnet for upcoming terms. The payment plan provides students with the option of paying tuition and fees over a period of up to six months for the fall and spring semesters. The amount of payments is dependent on the date a student enrolls in a payment plan. This flexibility enables students to reduce the burden of paying all tuition and fees prior to the start of the academic term. The payment plan is an interest-free benefit to students. The enrollment fee for the payment plan is $95 per semester. If a student opts for direct withdrawals from a bank account, a discount will be provided which will lower the enrollment fee to $40 per semester. There is no payment plan available for the winter intersession however there is a payment plan available for the summer session. You must enroll in a payment plan by your payment due date even though the last day to enroll in a payment plan may occur after the date. Note:

  • The first payment is due upon enrollment.
  • Payment is automatically debited from your bank account or credit card on the 10th of each month
  • After the 7th day of the semester, payment plan amounts will be adjusted to take into account financial aid awards.
  • There is a $30 returned payment fee per occurrence of a returned payment.

To sign up for the payment plan:

  1. Students must log into their CUNYfirst account.
  2. From the Enterprise Menu, select HR/Campus Solutions.
  3. Navigate to Self Service > Student Center. Under Finance, select Enroll/Manage Payment Plan.

Important Dates:

The payment plan for the spring 2017 semester is now open. Please note the following dates for the spring 2017 semester:

  • The last day to enroll in a 6 month plan is November 19
  • The last day to enroll in a 5 month plan is December 20
  • The last day to enroll in a 4 month plan is January 23
  • The last day to enroll In a 3 month plan is February 5


An official tuition voucher from your organization must be signed and submitted prior to the tuition payment deadline each semester. To submit a copy of your signed tuition voucher you must fax it to (646) 664-8722, Attn: Bursar Office, and mail the original copy to our office. You will be responsible for any remaining balance after your voucher is applied.

Your voucher must be approved by your sponsor or employer in order to be honored and must be received by our office prior to the tuition payment deadline each semester. Your company's voucher should include the following:

  • Name
  • Amount awarded
  • Semester
  • Sponsor or Employer's company name, address, and invoicing instructions / requirements

Students will be held liable for their tuition and fees if payment is not received by the School. Vouchers that reimburse the student based on grade performance at the end of the semester will NOT be accepted and students must satisfy tuition payment before semester payment deadline.