Leslee Grey

Head Shot

Leslee Grey, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Secondary Education and Youth Services at CUNY, Queens College, where she teaches cross-disciplinary courses in social foundations of education, the history of ideas and philosophies of education, and research methodologies. Dr. Grey’s teaching seeks to develop critical perspectives of institutional policies and practices that govern youths’ autonomy and their access to participatory citizenship. She views the classroom as a learner-centric, collaborative, and exploratory space. Among Dr. Grey’s research interests are critical investigations of neoliberal policy reform movements, the ways in which parental/caregiver involvement in schooling may work to perpetuate existing inequities, and an exploration of young adult dystopian literature as it relates to the schooling experiences of adolescents. In her graduate work, Dr. Grey studied Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Educational Policy at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Her doctoral research explored the ways in which young people negotiated multiple identities and subjectivities through participating in drag performance communities.