General Education

The General Education Curriculum, also called Common Core Curriculum, is an educational experience shared by all SPS students. The SPS General Education Curriculum is part of CUNY’s Pathways General Education Framework, requirements that undergraduate students across CUNY must satisfy. The three elements of this framework:  the Required Common Core, the Flexible Common Core, and the SPS College Option Core, provide students with well-rounded knowledge, a critical appreciation of diverse cultural and intellectual traditions, an interest in relating the past to the present, and a dedication to innovation and social progress.  Students explore knowledge from various perspectives and develop their abilities to read, write, and use language creatively and effectively.  A focus on intellectual and practical skills, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, critical thinking, and inquiry fosters students’ intellectual progress and commitment to lifelong learning.  

Transfer Credit Evaluation
Undergraduate transcripts from other institutions are carefully evaluated to give applicants credit for courses taken elsewhere that fulfill Common Core requirements. If you have concerns about how courses completed at another institution have been evaluated for transfer credit, please contact your advisor to review your Transfer Evaluation Credit Report. If, after appealing your Transfer Evaluation Credit Report, SPS determines that additional credit is not warranted, SPS will issue its decision in writing within fifteen business days.  If you wish to appeal SPS's decision, you may submit your appeal to CUNY's Office of Academic Affairs.  

For more information about student rights and responsibilities under the Pathways Common Core Curriculum, click here

Note: Students who entered SPS before Fall 2013 will automatically be required to continue with the General Education requirements in place at the time of their matriculation into their current degree program. However, they will have the option to follow the new Pathways General Education requirements as outlined below. To determine which path is right for you contact your advisor To view the General Education requirements prior to Fall 2013 click here

Overview of General Education Curriculum


Overview & Curriculum


Required Core

The Required Core classes provide a foundation in vital critical thinking skills. They develop your ability to write clearly, problem-solve, analyze, interpret information, research, apply numerical data to a range of situations, and think creatively while using different methodologies. These courses prepare you for the challenges of higher level coursework.


Flexible Core

The Flexible Core classes continue to develop your critical thinking and communication abilities as you learn about not only the amazing diversity within our own country but also study the interactions between the U.S. and other nations and cultures around the world. You’ll look at a range of issues while exploring the role of individuals in society, the significance of creativity to human life, and how scientific methods, discoveries, principles, and tools impact us on numerous levels.


SPS College Option Core

As a central part of the new curriculum, each senior CUNY college offers special courses relevant to its particular mission. SPS’s College Option Core is the heart of our General Education curriculum, with courses designed to focus on digital literacy, writing, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning.