Online Bachelor's Degree in Business (B.S.)

Program Description

The online Bachelor's Degree in Business (B.S.) offers a core business curriculum infused with the application of ethics and corporate social responsibility principles in a technologically savvy environment.  Graduates of this program acquire the skills necessary to solve interesting and challenging issues involving the creation and exchange of goods and services, the management and development of personnel, and the efficient and socially responsible use of resources. Our goal is to produce highly versatile, receptive and knowledgeable graduates who have mastered the fundamentals of business and have a steady command of the world’s dynamic economy.

Students of the Online Bachelor's Degree in Business will:

In addition, general education courses complement this specialized study and emphasize critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication and the exploration of the foundations of knowledge and culture.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the online B.S. in Business are prepared to command jobs in a variety of fields including banking, finance, management, consulting, marketing, accounting, and human resources

Admission Criteria

To qualify for admission to any of the Bachelor's Degree programs applicants must have:

The online application requires students to complete a personal essay that will help us understand your educational goals and readiness to return to college.

*International students may enroll in fully online degree programs. However, our online programs do not qualify for student visas.

Application Deadlines


For more information about the program, contact or 212.652.2869.