Bachelor's Degree in Human Relations (B.A.)


Program Description

The first degree of its kind at CUNY, the CUNY SPS Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Human Relations (HRL) is designed to prepare students to meet the demands of the increasingly global, multicultural, and service-oriented workplace.  

Human Relations is an applied, innovative, interdisciplinary field of study that examines human behavior, interactions, and relationships within the workplace and society.  Drawing on the fields of psychology, sociology, communication, business, and the humanities, students examine the organizational forms, practices, and policies that can foster or hinder the development of productive relationships and organizational success.  Students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to make these relationships and their workplaces more effective.

The degree focuses on the application of theoretical concepts to students’ work and civic lives.  The degree addresses the learning needs of adult students, promotes diversity and multicultural understanding, as well as improves written and oral communication skills.

Coursework for the HRL degree takes place in-person at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) at 119 West 31st Street in Manhattan.  Students may also opt to take online courses.

Students who complete the HRL degree will be able to:

Career Prospects

Graduates with a B.A. in Human Relations will possess a solid foundation for graduate work in human resources development and training, education, organization development, counseling, social work, adult learning, business administration, and related fields. Graduates are also prepared for careers in growing service-sector areas, including:

Admission Criteria

To qualify for admission to any of the bachelor's degree programs at SPS, applicants must have:

The online application requires students to complete a personal essay that will help us understand your educational goals and readiness to return to college.

Application Deadlines


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