Online Bachelor's Degree in Disability Studies (B.A.)

Program Description

Disability Studies is an emerging academic field which explores disability and society using overlapping perspectives from the social sciences, humanities, science, and the law. The online Bachelor's Degree in Disability Studies (B.A.) offers both a strong foundation in disability theory and history as well as opportunities for in-depth study in one of four concentrations.

Students in the online B.A. in Disability Studies will:

Career and Academic Advancement Prospects

Graduates of the online B.A. in Disability Studies program will be equipped with the knowledge, values, and skills that are sought by agencies providing services to individuals in community programs. Graduates will also be prepared for graduate work in disability studies, social work, rehabilitation counseling, physical and occupational therapy, education, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and liberal studies.

Admission Criteria

To qualify for admission to any of the Bachelor's Degree programs applicants must have:

The online application requires students to complete a personal essay that will help us understand your educational goals and readiness to return to college.

*International students may enroll in fully online degree programs. However, our online programs do not qualify for student visas.

Application Deadlines


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