Scholarships provide money that does not have to repaid and usually is awarded on the basis of academic merit. Some are designed to help students as they begin their college careers, others are awarded as they progress in their major — be it the arts, sciences, or the humanities. Some are based on need, others on merit. In addition to scholarships available at CUNY there are many private organizations that provide assistance to college students. These scholarships are based on a variety of factors.

CUNY SPS Scholarships

For many aspiring students, the dream of a college degree is out of reach. The CUNY School of Professional Studies Foundation (CUNY SPS Foundation) exists to make those dreams a reality. We aim to level the landscape so that any deserving student can access the empowerment of an undergraduate or graduate education. Heroes in their own homes and communities who selflessly support their families and themselves, CUNY SPS students' success motivates our ambitious mission: not just to make dream of a college degree come true, but to make it possible. Thanks to a number of generous individuals, The CUNY SPS Foundation administers several named funds that benefit CUNY SPS students. For the list of scholarships and how to apply, click here.

How to Establish a Named Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in establishing a named scholarship fund to benefit CUNY SPS students. For more information and to establish a named scholarship, please visit ;or contact Jill Reinhardt, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at 646-664-8660 or via email at

CUNY SPS Foundation scholarship recipients are selected annually by the CUNY SPS Scholarship Committee based on the eligibility requirements associated with each named scholarship. The CUNY SPS Scholarship Committee is comprised of CUNY SPS faculty and staff.