Leadership and Administration: Power, Politics, and Organizational Change

Course LABR 328
Level Undergraduate
Format In Person
Credits 4.00

Course Description

Prerequisite: None
Today, the power of unions is challenged by globalization and rapidly emerging technologies as well as by changes in the law and in the structure of industries and work. These developments have spawned urgent demands for stronger, more visionary leadership in all institutions, including those of labor. As a result, there has been a surge in research about leadership and the role of leaders in maintaining effective organizations. Drawing on a considerable body of social science and historical research, this course applies leadership and organizational theories to a union context in order to examine and analyze the leadership models, practices, and approaches we find in contemporary unions. Students will examine the labor movement in the context of current economic, political and legal conditions. Topics in the course include organizational structure and group dynamics, motivating membership, ethical decision-making, strategic planning, and resolving conflict.