Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable office and activities is responsible for processing payments for goods and services as well as reimbursements. In order for any kind of payment to be processed by our office (including reimbursements), we must follow the recent procedural updates associated with the Statewide Financial System. You may find more detail on the website of the NYS Comptroller and the Purchasing section of this site. Do not hesitate to contact the CUNY SPS Business Office with any questions or concerns.

Section I:

If you are contemplating a purchase for a good or service, please complete the CUNY SPS Accounts Payable/Purchasing Cover Form (PDF  | Word) and obtain the appropriate approvals before ordering your item(s) or accepting service(s).

Section II:

If you are seeking to pay for services provided by an individual, please have the individual prepare the following:

To help determine if someone should be considered an employee or otherwise, please see the Status Determination Worksheet. For Non-Resident Aliens, please complete a Non-Resident Alien Status Determination Worksheet and contact our offices.

If the individual is already on New York State Payroll (for example, if they are a CUNY faculty member or adjunct), please follow the directions on the Payroll portion of this site.

Section III:

If you are seeking reimbursement for your own expenditures with a small dollar (less than $100 total) value, please complete the Personal Reimbursement Request in addition to the CUNY SPS Accounts Payable/Purchasing Cover Form (PDF | Word).

Section IV:

Be sure to follow the CUNY SPS Professional Development, Conference, and Travel Funding Policy to request approval for your travel to a conference.

All conference registrations, travel, and lodging reservations will be secured by Loretta Demasi, using a T-Card.

The traveler will also use this T-Card for local travel, meals, and payment of above reservations during the event. Please refer to the Policy for the requirements regarding these expenditures.

Upon your return, please complete the Travel Accounts Payable/Purchasing Form (PDF | Word), and submit to Lia Kudless along with all original receipts.

Contact Information:

Lia Kudless
Special Assistant to the Associate Deans
Phone: (646) 664-8650 
Loretta Demasi
Executive Assistant to Associate Deans
Phone: (646) 664-8649 

Other useful documents include: