Pathways General Education Courses for CUNY Students (Summer 2014)

CUNY School of Professional Studies is offering the following fully online Summer 2014 Pathways General Education Common Core courses to all eligible CUNY students. Taking General Education courses online can help you complete prerequisites that often close quickly on your home campus or conflict with your schedule, keeping you on track to graduation.

Summer 2014 General Education Course Offerings and Core Curriculum Areas



Modern Art In The City (ART 210) Creative Expression
Communicating Culture Through Film (FLM 307) Creative Expression
College Writing II (ENG 102) English Composition
Microeconomics (ECO 201) Individual and Society
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101) Individual and Society
Critical Thinking (PHIL 110) Individual and Society/College Option
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101) Individual and Society
Introductory Astronomy (AST 101) Life and Physical Science
Human Biology (BIO 200) Life and Physical Science
Nature Of New York (EAS 201) Life and Physical Science
Mathematics in Contemporary Society (MATH 102) Math and Quantitative Reasoning
Statistics (MATH 215) Math and Quantitative Reasoning
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology (BIO 310) Scientific World
Introduction to Public Health (PHE 200) Scientific World
Physics:  Space Time & Motion (PHYS 301) Scientific World
General Psychology (PSY 101) Scientific World
Digital Literacy (COM 110) SPS College Option
Writing at Work (COM 210) SPS College Option
Quantitative Reasoning and Society (QUAN 201) SPS College Option
American History and Culture (AMER 200) US in its Diversity
International Migration and Ethnicity (GEOG 301) US in its Diversity
Language in a Multicultural Setting (LANG 101) US in its Diversity
Ethnology of Africa (AFRS 101) World Cultures & Global Issues
History of the Modern World-1500 to Present (HIST 102) World Cultures & Global Issues
20th Century World History (HIST 202) World Cultures & Global Issues
Begin Spanish I (SPAN 101) World Cultures & Global Issues
Begin Spanish II (SPAN 102) World Cultures & Global Issues

CUNY students may register for these fully online courses using the CUNY ePermit system.

Jennifer Sparrow
SPS General Education Academic Director